Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Camping with Babies

I must tell about our experience of camping with babies.

Our babies are our two cute dogs. They are mixed breed and I have no idea how much mixed they are. Trixie is the black and white one. Angel is the beige and black one. They are two of the most wonderful dogs I have ever known.

Until the camping experience, that is. Trixie had never been camping. She was pretty good. She travels well and sleeps most of the time on the road. Angel travels well and looks out the window a lot. Angel used to camp with us and two other dogs we had.

At the state park campground, they both turned into something else! Trixie was a basket case. She had to look at everyone and everything that went by. Angel found little spots to lay in...with her back to us. She kept trying to pull me away from the campsite when we went for potty break. Luckily, we had to have a leash on both because of the state park rules. Angel would have been on her way home if she wasn't on a lead!

It's funny how changing a routine can change the personalities of your dogs. We'll be taking a few more outings before the end of the year.

Wish me luck!

Monday, September 6, 2010


This past weekend, we went camping!

It was the first time in about 7 years that we cleaned up the RV and went out to the great wild yonder. Well, sort of 'wild', but definitely 'yonder'.

Here is a pic of a motto that I found on a door mat. I just had to have it.

I wish I could live more simply...ahhhhhh! I already do a lot of stuff 'the hard way' as many of my friends and family put it. Hubby is 50% of this union. If I could have my druthers, I'd have NO TV, NO land phone (I'd have a cell for emergencies, though), NO electric, NO internet, etc. I hate noise and this stuff is just plain noisy to me anymore. I think I'm getting old and crotchety. Harumph!

Here is a pic of the inside of our little abode on wheels. This is the dining area. We spend most of our time here. This weekend this is where we ate, talked, played cards, read, napped. Our fold-up chairs are the lumps under the table.

We have a little kitchen, bed and teeny tiny toilet in the RV, too.

We had our usual campfire every night. We sat out under our canopy with our dogs and enjoyed the bountiful  peace and quiet.

Hubby was a little perturbed we didn't have a TV connection. I said 'YEAH!' No racing or golfing on the tube this weekend! Racing was on the radio, which I didn't mind too much.

I hope all of you had a really great Labor Day weekend.