Sunday, July 29, 2012

Michelin Stars?

Look what I found hanging in my kitchen!
My Michelin's
I've got a 5-star kitchen! Who needs Michelin reviews?

This is another idea I got from Trash2Treasure, the site by AJ mentioned in my last post. I got 2 pieces of crappy wood rescued from our burn pile, which my hubby gave me really strange looks for. Then, I dry-brushed on the blue base color, then stenciled the stars and painted 'kitchen'. At first I was going to make some beachy-looking signs for my bathroom revamp. I did the stars first. Hmmm, I thought of Michelin stars and decided to promote my kitchen to a 5-star kitchen without the help of Michelin. My kitchen has earned this distinction, IMHO. ; ) Maybe next time I'll make a sign for the bathroom.

One of my favorite things to do in life is to cook. In fact, I just finished cooking for this week's meals. I do this on Sundays since I don't feel like doing much during the week after work. My lineup today was pork steaks in saurkraut, lentil salad, macaroni salad and macaroni with meat sauce. I'll make a greens salad tomorrow and we'll take a little of this and that to make our meals for the week. I also have potato soup, which I made last Thursday, in sealed containers in the fridge. I think this will hold us for a few days.

Take care.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Some Crafting Stuff

Hello everyone!

Today is my show-and-tell for all of you. I've been crafting a little and I'd like to show you what I've done.

First, for our little home on wheels...
Wheel Cover
I bought some marine-grade vinyl because the sun in South Carolina is wicked on any kind of plastic. I cut a round and a side band. I sewed them together and made a sleeve on the open end so I could hold it on with a drawstring. It went 1800 miles and is still on the camper wheel. Yay!

Next, a few somethings for our bathroom...
Stuff Before Redo
After Painting
I couldn't stand this little etagere any more. I've had it for nearly 30 years and it had to change or go. The wastebasket above got a fresh coat of paint. The little fishies got a white dry-brushing. I should've done it sooner, but I didn't have the nerve to paint them. Glad I did!


Refinished Mirrors
I couldn't stand the little brown wooden mirrors anymore. So I painted and distressed them. I LOVE them now.

And a little something more...
Candleholder with Air Freshener
I saw this craft on a website, which I'll mention more of at a later time. This woman, AJ, has a FABULOUS way with repurposing stuff. I ADORE her website!

Anyhow, this is a cheap-o glass candle stick from a dollar store, an old candle holder and a chunk of light blue ribbon. Inside is a white votive that I had in my candle stash and the blue stuff is crystal air freshener from the dollar store. This is put together temporarily with hot glue. I just found some E-6000 to permanently bond stuff together. I'm going to change out the ribbon for some jute and seashells to make it more 'beachy'. I still need to make curtains and a shower curtain. Then I'll show the whole shebang when It's done. I have another project for this room. I'll show you that later.

Take care.
Happy crafting!!!