Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Foods

I've been trying new foods to lower my LDL cholesterol. I've been keeping with no animal protein, no dairy and no fat of any kind. Ethnic foods are really up my alley because I like spice. I like the variation.

Potato and Pea Curry
This potato and pea curry is really REALLY wonderful! Of course, when it sits overnight, it is even better. I made a pot of it so I could take it to work for lunch. I love Indian food flavors!

My friend, Yuri,  from the Japanese Food Lovers blog gave it a thumbs-up! We share at lunchtime when we make new dishes. It's really great to work with someone who shares a similar passion for food. I've learned so much about Japanese food from her. She is very open to trying new things. The Japanese make curried dishes with a similar taste, but a totally different look. I think that's why she liked this one. Stop by her blog, if you haven't done so already. Her recipes are very tasty and authentic Japanese style.

Black Bean Chili
Now, I went South of the Border to make this one. It's my concoction of chili with no meat. I used navy beans, lentils, black beans, kidney beans, tomatos, onions, green peppers, corn and chili powder. With all of the beans, it didn't make me you-know-what. I was really surprised about that.

I made so much I got tired of eating it as chili. LOL! I also used this to fill corn and flour tortillas and topped with salsa for lunchtime. It was great! I've made it since then so I could fill more tortillas. It is very filling and you don't miss the meat at all. I spice it up with extra hot sauce because I love the heat.

I also share these recipes with a guy at work who is allergic to wheat. I, myself, stay away from food additives and as much soy as possible. I've also been staying away from a lot of wheat because the acidic by-product settles in my knees and causes pain. I also stay away from pork. That by-product settles in my back and causes pain in my spine. It's not a lot of fun to have food allergies. I like to help others when I can.

Disclaimer: I really botched up this diet for a week now. I hope to get back on board tomorrow. I'll worry about Thanksgiving when it gets here.

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who read my blog.
Take care.

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