Sunday, September 9, 2012

Crafty Things

There is a birthday tomorrow for a coworker. Actually, her birthday is today. I've made a couple of things I've been thinking of giving her. First of all, she likes beachy stuff. So I put this thing together.
Beachy Thing

It's kind of OK, but not something I'd like to give as a gift. This kind of has some voodoo feeling going on. Looks more like a creature than a gift. I don't think I like it all that well. However, it doesn't look too bad in my soon-to-be-redone bathroom. Hmmm. Should I get greedy? Well, you can't call it greedy if it ain't that cute. Right?!

Now on to the next creation.
Bird on Nest
Now this I can get really excited about, if it was a gift for me. Of course, this idea came from Miss AJ of the Trash2Treasure blog. If you love recycling/repurposing/redoing/re-anything-ing, then you MUST take a peek at her site. To me, she is the Queen of Repurposing and Decorating Ideas. She makes 'stuff' into really cute items. Here is the link for the bird nest inspiration. Click on the link and scroll down. You'll see different bird nest variations. CUTE!!!

Well. I guess I made up my mind about the gift. The bird nest is it. I hope my co-worker likes it.
I do!

Take care. Happy re-doing!

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