Tuesday, May 6, 2014


This morning, another Angel earned her wings.

Sweet Girl

This little girl passed away some time between 2:30 am and 5 am this morning. She had been getting older and older with every passing day. She was 15-1/2 years old.

Daddy's Seat is Best!
What a sweet girl she was! She posed for photos without even knowing what a camera was. She chased buzzards in the sky, running in circles as they circled overhead and barking all the while. She used to hide under my hostas at night and I couldn't find her. She loved laying on the cool tile on our hearth. She loved her treats and telling us when to get up, eat, snack at night and when to go to bed. I could go on and on with the cute things she used to do.

I'm a ham. Belly rub, please!!!
She was a mixed breed, long haired, black and tan little ball of fur. I called her 'fox face' because she reminded me of a fox with a pointy snout. We called her 'Little' because she was so tiny and because she was a 'Little s***', being a real stinker with her personality. We also called her 'the Shark' because her lower jaw was much shorter than her upper jaw, which made her profile look like a shark.

Got me a toy! Got me a small space! I'm happy!
It's really hard to imagine you could get so attached to a little creature like that. I don't have children of my own, so I can't comment on that kind of love. So I've poured all of my love into my furbaby and featherbaby children. Of course, my Hubby gets a good share of the lovin', too! We're both not taking this passing very well. You'd have to have known her to understand.

Cuddle Time with Daddy

The biggest blessing was that she only had one really bad day, which was yesterday. I asked God to take her quickly and He did. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!

Will we miss her? YOU BET!!!

We will always love you, Angie!

Love your babies while you can as nothing is forever.

Take care.

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