Monday, August 30, 2010


The other day, we had bees. Ground bee yellow jackets, to be exact.

These little buggers (pun intended) attacked my husband as he mowed the ‘back 40’. We don’t have 40 acres, but it’s the back of our 2 acre lot. It seems like a long way to walk back there, if you’re up in age like we are.

He only got stung by 3 bees, but it could have been worse. These little guys will swarm in a heartbeat if they are agitated. The sound of a lawnmower chopping over their little hole in the ground stirs them up. Yeah! My husband was VERY lucky!

OK. Now my husband has a death wish for the bees. So do I.

Hubby’s version to kill: pour gasoline down the hole and light it. Right now!

My version to kill: Wait until dusk. Check to see if there are any bees flying around the hole. If so, come back a little later wearing long pants and a dark shirt. No bees? Then, soak the hole with a stream of foam wasp spray so they don’t fly back at you. Pour a whole quart of high-potency bug killer down the hole. Check for an alternate exit hole. You’ll definitely see them if there is one! Go away. Leave the bottle over the hole for a few days. Keep checking, from a distance, to see if any bees are flying around. If so, make other plans to have this baby professionally killed.

Guess whose version won out? Mine did. It would have been interesting to see hubby do a dance around the bee hole if he didn’t listen to me.

With ground bees, you have to destroy the WHOLE nest. Otherwise, they’ll just move from spot to spot and you’ll never get rid of them.

I’m so glad my Hubby is OK.

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