Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Noisy Neighbors

This morning I decided to sit outside with my coffee and bagel after my hubby went to work.

At 5:30am, the morning is cool and clear - for a change. The stars are crisp, bright and share the deep black heavens with a little shiny moon which is on it's way to illuminate the next side of the world.

On our porch, I have a black steel dining set...nothing fancy. It's really functional. I put a towel on the damp seat and proceeded to have my coffee and cinnamon/raisin bagel.

NICE! Just me listening to the frogs and crickets chirping. A lone mosquito is buzzing my ear. She should've been in bed!

Then my noisy neighbors started. One after the other they yelled at each other. Don't they have any sense not to make so much noise this early in the morning?! Non-stop they went at it one after the other. In fact, they're still putting up a ruckus out there.

"Ar-a-roo-a-roo!" went my two boys. The farm to the left has a newly crowing rooster, so he was at it real good. The farm to the back had a pretty lazy rooster, young but lazy. He only let go once in a while. The farm to the right rear was going at it pretty good. They have a couple voicing their opinions. Theirs are young, too. The neighbor to my immediate right has two very young roos that crow a little. They weren't even in the picture this morning.

So, I counted. I had 6 noisy neighbors this morning, yelling at each other and trying to wake the world.

I wonder what they say to eachother?

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  1. hm. i'll take roosters over noisy humans any day! we have noisy human neighbors. sometimes i plot of ways to get them 'debarked'. keeping it real.....