Friday, April 6, 2012

Bars of Soap

Here are the bars I cut from the soap log. After I took this picture, I cut them in half again because they were pretty big. But this will give you a good idea what the log looks like when it's cut.
Bars of Soap
Another high-tech soaping tool. It's a drywall mud knife that I bought just for this use. It cuts the soap like a hot knife through butter! If I sold this soap, I'd probably buy a few nice molds for aesthetic value. But it's just for me and hubby so we don't need to be fancy. I also have a mitre box to put the loaf in to make even cuts. I use it when the log fits and I'm giving the soap away as gifts.

Here are some reasons I like homemade soap.
 - It smells clean when you pick it up.
 - It smells good when you use it.
 - It has all of the glycerine in it, which is very moisturizing.
 - It has no funky detergents or added ingredients.
 - If I use it for shampoo every day, I don't need a hair conditioner.
 - When I color my hair, which is never anymore unless I get highlights, I still don't need a conditioner.
 - It's great to use in the winter because your skin doesn't dry out as much with it.
 - It's very gentle even though it's made with lye. Lye reacts with the oils and the danger of it goes away.
 - Best of all, it's fun to make!

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