Sunday, June 10, 2012

Memorial Day Camping

Well, we decided to take a trip to a local campground to see how our new truck pulls a heavy load. Hubby's truck strained pulling loads so I got a 'big girl truck'. Now we can go camping again! Yay!
Camper with Big Girl Truck
This was a really nice campground in Lexington, SC. It was called The Barnyard Campground. No. It really wasn't a barnyard. It was really nice and clean and reasonably priced. We were within walking distance of a lot of things like a roller rink, a grocery store, several restaurants and business. And...
a really big flea market! Woo hoo! One of my favorite things to do was within a block of our camper. We didn't buy much but we got a good look at what they had. This was a very clean flea market. I was really surprised. This one was great!

Take care. Happy camping.

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