Saturday, June 22, 2013

Camper Cleaned

I got the camper ceiling textured and painted. I just went with white instead of the beige I was going to do. It turned out really well. Hubby has been cleaning a lot of the inside. I've been scrubbing walls and ceilings. Hubby got the outside all spiffy. We still have a bit of trouble getting the mold stains from the siding.

We are getting psyched! We love to camp, even though we've given up our tent and gone soft. Then, again, we had to find something more substantial than a tent to keep 4 dogs in line. We tented with 2 dogs and they gave us a fit. As soon as we jumped into our sleeping bags, they started fighting right on top of us. Literally. They don't fight. But they did that night. Put fear into us that night! Down here, we also needed a bit of A/C. Yep. We've gotten soft. But the dogs like camping with us. Sometimes they don't.

Take care.

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