Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Strawberry Plant Dilemma

In a previous post, I mentioned about taking strawberry plants to work. The main guy who asked for them came looking for me today. He didn't get but 2 plants! Whoa! So I went out and raided my garden and packed some so he could get a patch started. Even though these are more of the itty-bittys, he said he'd take them. Next time, I'll personally place them in the hands of the person who asked for them.

The land dried out a bit today. It wasn't sunny, but it was pretty nice. Our strawberry patch really looks sad. The water floated chunks of grass and leaves all over it. I hope they are OK.

I hope we don't get any more rain for a while. All of our plants need to perk back up. I better watch what I ask for. My version of 'a while' means one thing. But, to Mother Nature, it may mean drought. I hate to think that way, but it's possible down here. You never know!

Take care.

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