Thursday, February 21, 2013

Strawberry Plants

We've been selling our extra strawberry plants this year. We have been propagating and using the Ozark Beauty variety for about 10 years. It seemed like a shame to till them under for compost, so we sold some. It's been fun seeing people and talking to them. Yeah. We don't get out much. Nor do we get much company since we live WAY off the beaten path. Actually, our road is well beaten! So we enjoy anyone who comes to visit.

Each couple who bought some plants had a story to tell. Some were getting a piece of country for their retirement years. Some were young couples just starting out. Some were first-timers with the strawberry thing. 'I've always wanted to try them.' they'd say. And I still had a bunch left over.

Sooooo...I took a bunch to some contractors at work - gratis. By a bunch, I mean several hundred plants. You'd have thought I gave them a million dollars. They seemed to really appreciate the plants and I showed them how to prepare them for the ground. I usually do this when I prepare the plants, but hubby chunked them out of the ground and put them into boxes for me. I was grateful for that!

Anyhow, one guy was left out and he really wanted some plants. Now, I don't have large plants left, just seedlings. Itty bitty ones, at that. So he's going to get a bunch of itty-bittys tomorrow. I hope he likes them. They may not bear this year, but he'll have a load of plants for next year! I got about 50 plants out of one of last year's itty-bittys.

I can't wait to see him tomorrow.

Take care. Happy spring planting!

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