Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Here are pictures of the curtains I made last weekend.
Bathroom Curtains
I wanted something different for the bathroom. If you look back in my posts a while ago, you'll see there were beige curtains in here. Now there's a little bit of country color. That's my whole idea is to get this room a little bit in the country style. Paint chip on the wall to the right of the picture. Planning to paint the room this color soon.
Den Curtains
I ended up putting these in the den. It really brightens up the whole room. On the rocking chair is a bit of the material that was left over. I made a small cushion with a bit of stuff I had in my sewing supplies. I have two more cushions ready to stuff which will go in this room. One more similar to this one and one plain beige one. Yes, we cover our chairs because of the dogs. Trixie is the only one who gets up on the furniture and this is her favorite chair (on the left). Her other favorite place is on the linoleum bathroom floor, which is the bathroom picture above. It's cool in there and she can lay flat and not be bothered.

That's my curtains for this go-round. I'll be sewing some for other rooms soon.

Take care.


  1. Just seen the curtains. They are beautiful! :) April