Monday, October 21, 2013


I've found another project to do in my spare time...whatever that is. Actually, it only takes a few minutes here and there during the day to make something so interesting. At least, I think it's interesting. Have you ever heard of Zentangle? I didn't until I saw it featured on Squidoo (the only other place I like to blog). What it is is structured doodling. Here are my first couple of attempts at it.

I have NO artistic talent whatsoever. I wouldn't call what I did here artistic. To me, it's actually like Dr. Seuss stuff and it's all from the depths of the mind. Whatever is in the imagination you put on paper. Fill up the paper and you're done. This has been going on for a few years and I've only just heard of it. Hmmm. It's a little addictive, too. You can find patterns all over the web and that's where I got most of the center and righthand piece drawings. The one rule I love is that nothing is wrong. Every line and mistake is correct. You can mess with your mistakes more to make it more interesting or you can leave it be and fill in around it. It is a bit addictive. I find myself wondering what the next doodle will look like and what can I do different.

Oh, yes. There are 'official' papers to doodle on for Zentangling. My pieces are not those. My practice paper is a one-pound bag of scrap paper for scrapbooking. It is heavyweight paper cardstock. My pen is a fine-point Sharpie I use when I send postcards. Yes. There are 'certain' types of markers you can use to color in. I'm not going to color anything until I like something really well. My markers will be Sharpies. I've seen a pack of 24 really cool 80's Glam colors that I like. I'll go after those in a little while. For now, I'm enjoying creating. There is a 'philosophy' behind it, too. I don't know about that yet. I'm having fun playing!

The left piece is before I went web searching for patterns. The middle and right are after web searching. Like I said. I have NO artistic bone in my body. So, for me, doodling is the way to go!

Maybe you'll give it a try?

Take care.

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