Wednesday, October 2, 2013

RIP...Lulu last Barred Rock chicken passed away today. She was about 6 years old or so. Probably 'or so'. I can't remember when we got her and her sisters. 6 years is pretty old for a chicken. Especially since most people eat theirs after about 2 years of laying. I have 4 hens and 1 roo left. These will live their last days in retirement. I have one still laying. I think it's my Salmon Leghorn. She's looking a bit sluggish, too. I haven't gotten an egg in a while, so it may be her who's laying.

At this time, mine are just layers. I'm considering raising the next batch for the freezer. I'd be doing the 'chicken tractor' thing to make it worthwhile to raise for meat. I need to get in touch with the abattoir to see what they charge to 'do them in' and prep for the freezer as I'm too much of a softie.

Now, if we're talking rats...that's a different story. I CAN 'do in' rats. ; )  Speaking of that, I haven't seen any rats for most of the summer. I haven't heard them in the coop nor seen them in the yard nor smelled them peeing anywhere nor seen them in the compost heap. I consider that a pretty good summer!

So long, Lulu. R.I.P.

Take care.

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