Thursday, May 28, 2015


No, I wasn't pregnant. No, my dog didn't have pups.

We had baby chicks!
Days Old Baby Chicks

Week Old Baby Chicks
Feathering Out at 3 Weeks
What did we do to deserve this?!
Aren't they adorable? One of our hens, Betty, wouldn't give up setting no matter how many times we picked the eggs out and shooed her away from the nest. Ok. We let her set after the weather became more agreeable. We got 10 eggs under her and marked them all with a pencil. We did that for a very good reason. Last time we had a setter, the other hens used to lay eggs on top of the setter and she'd gather them under her. We marked in pencil so the eggs would remain viable. If we would have used a marker, the ink may have poisoned the chicks. Of all 10 eggs, we had 7 hatch. 2 were rotten and we composted them. One got eaten by a snake. I got the snake.

After about 4 or 5 weeks, we had to set them outside with a light and lots of straw to keep them warm. Why, you ask? They escaped. They were trying out their wings, got to the top of the feeder and waterer, then jumped out. Roadrunner and Gabby did. Pooped everywhere. Hubby chased Gabby and she kept on pooping. I came home and cleaned and did soiled bed clothes. Hubby was wore out.

This was our baby pen when we got some chicks from Tractor Supply. These little guys and gals (don't know which are which yet) just love being out there. They are hilarious to watch. It's hilarious to watch the big birds watching the little birds in the cage next door. If you look behind the baby cage, you'll see the red coop and run.

They are Americauna barnyard chicks.

Take care. I wish you all the best!

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