Saturday, May 30, 2015

Yard Ornaments and Dead Flowers

I scored a few cute yard ornaments from a few different places.
Dollar Tree Stuff
 I got these cute flowers and garden posts at Dollar Tree. I got 2 sets. One set for my walkway and the other set for my chicken coop. I got a little outdoor decor for just $4! Yay!

Bird Tower
 I call this my bird tower. It was a throwaway at the swap shop. I got this and...

Plant Stand with Dead Flowers
this plant stand there. I love finding things I can use in my garden. This is my year to add cute stuff to my flower beds. The lady next door always has cute stuff. It's my turn. Oh! The dead flowers aren't really dead. They came off the discount rack at Lowe's. I jammed some Angelonia, Dianthus and Calibrachoa, that small trailing stuff in front. My baskets never look this good. I'm blessed this year.

More Dead Flowers
Not really...Lowe's again. I have Agastache, Arizona Sunset in back and more Calibrachoa in the front. The stringy-leaved plants in the back row are Red Hot Poker. They've been there for about 4 years, now. The Agastache has a peppermint smell to it. The wording in Spanish kind of tells me why "Anis hisepo Arizona Sunset". An anisette hyssop. This is a perennial, so I'm looking forward to this for many years to come.

I also planted some dead flowers in the flower bed in our driveway. Vinca and Verbena. They are starting to take off after a plague of snails hit them. Sevin dusted them. Yep. Snails gone.

A friend of mine 'rescues' plants from the dead plant carts in Lowe's. That's a good way to put it. You give a home and some TLC to these little guys, then you get a payoff of lovely flowers. It's rewarding and very easy on the pocketbook. I like how she thinks.

Take care. Happy planting!

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