Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ethernet Woes

I had a little bit of a fight with the ethernet card in August. That's why I haven't posted in a while.

It seems like the ethernet card can go 'on the fritz' for no apparent reason. When it does...look out! You're in for a ride if you've never installed one before.

You pull out the CPU. Mine's a dinosaur floor model...still kicking! You touch something metal to discharge energy that may have built up in your hands and body on the way to the workplace. Then you take it apart VERY CAREFULLY.  Then you remove the ethernet card VERY CAREFULLY. Make sure you already bought the new one so you can put it back in all at the same time. After you put the ethernet card in the correct slot, you put the CPU back together. Plug it all back in. Then, install software for the new ethernet card. Turn on the computer and voila! It works for a couple of days. Then it stops working. You call the number on the box for tech service on the card. You spend an hour or so doing everything they tell you. It still doesn't work. Then you call the digital cable service to see if the problem is in the line. They change the internet box and it works again. Yay!!! For a couple of days. Then you get disgusted and order an ethernet card online. Take the whole shebang apart again. Take the one you just paid out the wazoo for back to the retailer. Put it all back together so you can at least use the computer. Get a refund, if you're lucky. (I was lucky.) Get the new ethernet card(s) in the mail. (One extra for just in case...). Take the whole shebang apart again. Replace the card. Struggle with the VERY VAGUE instructions for installing this software. (I had to read between the lines of the program info on the installation CD for this one.) Computer works for a couple of days. Get disgusted. Call the cable company again. They send two guys out this time. You tell them what's wrong and it only worked for a few days after they came the first time. One old guy laughs at you and insinuates you don't know what you're talking about. They check everything again and put in another digital box. All works!!! Yay!!! Long time now!!!

Whew! I can post again!!!

Moral of the story...if you work on computers all day at work and come home to take care of your own stuff, NEVER touch the RESET button on the back of the digital internet box. This resets the whole box to FACTORY settings. You don't want that. Your internet company installs something in that digital box so you can use their particular service. SILLY ME!!!

Live and learn.

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