Monday, October 17, 2011

The Project is Done!

As promised, here's a picture of my hubby's project.

Our neighbor next door had this tractor that needed a little work to get it running. Well, hubby and the neighbor's son got it running for him. Hubby wasn't satisfied. There was no hood or grille to cover the engine. Hubby made one of each. The paint was bad. Hubby took care of that. The front wheel rims and seat needed a coat of paint. Hubby took care of that. The neighbors son found the bulldog (on the seat) laying around and they're going to put it on the hood. Hubby also made a holder for the battery to raise it above the air filter so air can get to the engine. This is the box you can see through the grille.

It looks so much better than it did. Hubby and the neighbor's son did a great job piddling with this. Looks great, doesn't it, Mr. Nels?!

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