Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rainy Day Work

We've had a run on rainy days here, in the South. Mostly everyone thinks these kind of days are miserable. Not me! I love rainy days! I guess I should since I'm a Cancerian.

Anyhow...yesterday we went to Sam's Club to stock up on some items for the house. We live a LONG way from the nearest store and it's a really big chore to drive there and back. Sam's is a love / hate relationship with me. I love to go to Sam's Club. But I hate spending all that money in one place. But I love getting things I can't normally get elsewhere. But I still hate dropping a ton of dough there. Oh well! We decided to splurge on an item for ourselves. Hubby has been wanting a larger TV for in the bedroom. We had a 19" job we used in our travel trailer. I agree it was hard to see without straining. So we picked up a 32" Vizio. It was nice, but we couldn't easily get Netflix on it. So, we packed this little beauty up and returned it to Sam's Club for a Smart Vizio. Now we can get Netflix. It was nice to retire early and watch a flick from the comfort of the memory foam mattress. Hubby didn't make it too far. I watched 2 movies. Well...sort of. I watched 2/3 of the second movie. I have to go back to finish it. It was pretty good.

Today was clean the pantry / laundry room / kitchen day. I tore apart the pantry closet and rearranged cans and jars and threw away extra junk. It took a few hours to do it, but now it's done. Yay! The laundry room got a bit of a cleaning even though I've been washing clothes all day. We defrosted the fridge in there and I scrubbed it out before I plugged it back in. That was quite a chore! Then I put some petroleum jelly on the seal of the freezer and fridge. I learned this from is supposed to make the seal tighter until you can replace the worn seals. Here's to hoping that works!

I also made some Italian sausage and meatballs with sauce for dinner. I served it over gnocchi I had previously made and put into the freezer. Yummy! Now a pound cake is in the oven for strawberry shortcake for snack tonight.

Busy day!

Take care.

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