Thursday, May 2, 2013

All is Well and Gardening

All worked out well at work re: yesterday's post. Hooray!

We've been picking a lot of strawberries lately. Today was about 1 quart. Yesterday about a pint or two. Same for the day before that. All in all, we've been having loads of strawberries to eat. More is on the way. AND the next round is coming on. The plants are growing large leaves which stand really tall. Some of them have thrown up flower stalks already. This is a good sign! I will also have enough to either freeze or make more jam. Hmmmm. Not bad either way.

Today I also picked a handful of leaf lettuce and the last few radishes to mix with our salad this evening. 

This weekend we'll be picking more peas. There are a lot of full pods out there. I should pick tomorrow when I pick berries.

I made a really yummy chicken pot pie with some of the peas. You know, it feels pretty good when you can cook with food you grow yourself. It also tastes a whole lot better, too.

I hope your garden is prosperous this year.

Take care.

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