Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hurt Feelings

Today, at work, I found out that I hurt someone's feelings. Now, I don't remember saying, doing or writing anything that would offend anyone. I like everyone there. Everyone is unique. There are good and bad things in everyone. We all take a bit of each, stick it into our inner blender and come out with who we are. I like to think I let everyone be who they are, even though I may not agree with how they present themselves. So, imagine my hurt feelings when I found this out.

Now, the person who brought this to my attention mentioned a word. This word reminded me of something I wrote. I found it and looked at it again. It was not hurtful in any way. It was not put in a derogatory manner. It was so generic in context. It was forwarded as an 'OK' to pick something up from the supply closet. That's all it meant. Someone took a very short e-mail I wrote to yet another party and forwarded it to the area to do the pickup. That third party minced it and rearranged it to create havoc with this co-worker with hurt feelings. Now, I'm the bad guy. A really nice person has been hurt because of someone not thinking before doing. I now need to make amends for something I didn't do.

Isn't it amazing how people will do things to hurt one person's feelings? But it ends up hurting another person as well.

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day at work. Someone is on my bad side.

Take care.

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