Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Say Cheeeeeesecake!

Here's a pic of my chocolate cheesecake before it cooled. For those of you who don't make cheesecake, it comes out of the oven nice and high, then it falls slightly when it is cooled. That is why there is usually an indent on the top of the cheesecake when you buy one.
Chocolate Cheesecake
How many of you have tried to make a cheesecake? Did you know it is really simple? I used to think that there was some mystifying thing you had to do to get it to bake and taste good. That's why no one, except those with special talents, made them. Phooey! Anyone can make them.

Here is the link from Hershey's to make this scrumptious cheesecake. I like to serve my cheesecakes with ice cream toppings from a squeeze bottle. This makes it really easy to do. Also, you can change up flavors each time you make the cake by using the ice cream toppings. I bet the candied pecan ice cream topping would be really delicious with this! I just may try that one next time.

If you get a chance to make this cheesecake, shoot me a comment.

Take care!

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