Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jams and Jellies

This weekend was fairly productive for me. I had a LOT of strawberries in the freezer from last year's garden. I made jam yesterday. I got 5 pints of strawberry jam.

Today I made cactus tuna jelly. NO! Not the fish, tuna. The purple pods on some of the cactus plants after they bloom. This is where the flower sits before it dies off and makes the fruit. It is really good and tastes a little like cranberries.

The hard part is picking and getting the pods ready to peel. The pods have spines all over them so you have to burn off the prickles with an open flame. Then you wash them. Dry them. Cut them. Scoop out the fruit and seeds and put that into a pan. Then you add water to cover and boil for a little while. Then you strain the pulp through cheesecloth. Then you can make the jelly. !Whew!

Lots of work for a yummy treat! Well worth it, in my opinion. I got 7 jelly jars of what I hope to be jelly. This stuff is really fickle and doesn't always set. If it doesn't set, it's great on biscuits or pancakes.

Too bad this isn't the beginning of the weekend. I'm making myself hungry! I cook big breakfasts on the weekend. Yum! This coming weekend is coming. ; )

Well. Another day not being able to upload photos. I'll get these to you another day.

Take care.

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