Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yet, Another Rainy Day

Today we had a little bit of rain. It was a heavy mist-type rain which the plants and grass love. I love it too because everything gets a drink and grows beautifully. Sadly to say, even the weeds like the rain.

Yesterday, Hubby brought in our first little handful of strawberries from our large patch out back. Sorry no pics. They don't last long.

Today, Hubby stayed inside because of the rain. His sinuses are acting up and causing him grief. If anyone can give me advice on natural treatments to help alleviate his sinus infection, I'd be grateful. He's been taking stuff the pharmacist suggested for him. This was OTC. I have to be very careful what I give him because he has a couple of other disorders. So, tried and true remedies that will not spike blood sugar or cause issues with heart medications will be helpful.


Take care.

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