Saturday, April 27, 2013

Herbs and Things

I have a small herb garden in one of my old strawberry boxes. It is a raised bed which I've turned into a nursery / herb garden. I love cooking and I love fresh stuff that I grow myself. So, I've tried to add a new herb each year to this little box.

So far, I have oregano, garlic chives, thyme and dill. I also have a small bit of onions in there.

As it happens every so often, I cannot get a pic to upload on this baby. I will try later to do so.

What I did last week was pick oregano and dry it out. Then I removed the leaves from the stems and crushed it to use in spaghetti sauces and such. Just to be sure there were no hitchhikers on the leaves, I put the plastic jar into the freezer for a week. Along with drying in the oven, the freezer should kill any kind of eggs left on the oregano. Don't go 'yuk' just yet. Don't forget, the FDA approves a whopping 4% unknown in each and every commercial product that is sold to consumers as a food product. Did you ever notice than when you didn't open something up, there may be little bugs in it? That's part of the 4% unknown. Anyhow. I'll get off of my soapbox for now.

Tomorrow I should be gathering some chives and / or thyme and do the same. The chives will go great in dips and soups. The thyme goes on an Italian pork chop recipe I have.

Hopefully I'll be able to get the pics up on here tomorrow.

Take care.

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