Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nothing Much Today

Nothing much happened today. I had to go get steel-toed boots for work. We have to do a safety check walk-through this coming week. This is something we do to make sure the plant is safe. Being an admin assistant, it is weird to get out of the office and into the plant. However, this is good since I am a fresh pair of eyes to check for odd things around the plant. What is good, that my employers may not know, is that I was an inspector a very long time ago. I inspected plastics for errors in manufacture. I love picking apart things, which is good in a way. One way it is good is that I can pick apart and recreate a lot of recipes that others may not be able to. Actually, to toot my own horn, my recipes turn out better than the originals. IMHO. ; )

I pulled weeds from my itty bitty strawberry patch. Some of those plants have flowers and fruit. They really shouldn't have any since they are so small. I'll probably end up picking off the buds and fruit so the energy will go into making good plants.

I also made another enchilada pie and some ham and scalloped potatoes for dinners this week. I need to think of a cold side dish to make so we can have a variety and quick meals during the week.

I just came in the house and I am ready for movie night on Netflix. We LOVE Netflix!

Take care.

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