Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sugars in Our Milk?

The FDA has a petition coming up to allow additional natural and fake sugars into our milk products without the need of being on the label. What?! More sugar in milk? There is already sugar in milk...lactose. This is a natural sugar. Why do we need more artificial sweeteners in our milk?

Here's one reason they are wanting to add "any safe and suitable sweetener in the optional ingredients". Get ready for this kids will want to drink it. What?! Kids like milk. Right now, kids like sodas better than milk. Hmmm. Maybe they're on to something. Add sugars and other sweet things to our foods so us adults and our children will gain weight quicker, become more unhealthy, get diabetes earlier, get other sicknesses associated with sugar consumption.

I wonder if our 'Mayors' will want to limit the amount of sweetened milk we are allowed to be served in restaurants. Would 8 ounces be too much? We surely don't want our children to become obese from drinking sweetened milk, now. Do we? Wait! There will be some with artificial sweeteners in them. That's right...chemicals which are safe to ingest in quantity. We and our children won't get fat from no-calorie sweeteners. No! We'll just get horrible diseases like MS, alzheimer-like symptoms, allergic reactions, etc.

What in the H-E-double toothpicks are people thinking?! These are people we're supposed to look up to and believe in what they say because they're the 'experts'. (insert big wet raspberry here)

I've added a few links to this post so you can read for yourself what is going on.
The petition link is for the Federal Register for the petition.
The sugar consumption link is for information on regular sugars from Dr. Mercola.
The no-calorie sweeteners link is for the Mayo Clinic citing pros and cons of artificial sweeteners.

I'll take mine plain, please!!!

Take care and be aware!

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