Friday, April 19, 2013

Books to Read

I don't know about you, but I enjoy reading books. All kinds of books. I have such diversified interests that Hubby just rolls his eyes when I come home from the library. Usually I check out self-help books which will help me understand our health problems better. However, my all time favorites are Christian novels...namely novels about Amish people and their lives. Of course, this is according to the author and is structured to give a fantasy view of daily Amish life. Take me away! I love living in these fantasy places where there are problems but they are always solved by the Grace of God. Nice! Being a believer in God, I like these types of novels.

My recent reading is the Pleasant Valley series by Marta Perry. I just read Leah's Choice. Now I have the next two novels on hold at the library...Rachel's Garden and Anna's Return. The fourth one is Sarah's Gift and I have that right now, but there is so much going on between 1 and 4 that I can't bring myself to read ahead. LOL!

Well, I hope you have a nice and pleasant day!

Take care.

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