Thursday, March 21, 2013

First Harvest of 2013

Guess what! We've had our first harvest of 2013! Take a peek.
French Breakfast Radishes and One Cherry Belle
I's not REALLY a harvest. But to us, it is. These went into a salad for this evening's dinner. This is a start. We see some more that will be ready in a few days.

Good Friday is coming and it is tradition to plant your garden on that day. It means a good harvest. So, my seedlings, which are quite large, will soon be planted in the great outdoors. I still have a ways to go with hardening them to the sun, but they are coming along. I had to bring the seedlings in last night because of the cold. They'll be in tonight, too. I may take them back out in the morning since it is supposed to be a decent temperature, but it's supposed to rain.

We'll see how things turn out this year. We have summer squash, radishes, peas, 2 lettuces, onions, carrots, green, red, yellow and long peppers (for stuffing). Oh yes. Did I mention strawberries? They are looking good right now. They should be bearing in a couple of weeks.

Take care.

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