Friday, March 1, 2013

Picture of Our Strawberry Patch

Here it is in all of its glory! Ta daaaaaaah!

Big Strawberry Patch
There are about 1100 plants in this area. I'm tired!

Our one experiment is the difference between using the black landscape fabric and the clear plastic. We are going to see which grows best. I'm betting on the landscape fabric because of the porosity.

Our other experiment is the piping in the foreground. We took 50 foot long garden hoses and pierced them with 1/8" holes about every 6". We hooked them up to PVC pipe and a petcock to control the water flow.  It works really well. We'll have to see how it does over the summer.

We wanted to make it easier and more efficient to water. If we get to the roots quicker and without the water flying through the air on sprinklers, then we can get them watered in a shorter time. We can also save on evaporation. We water at night, so we don't usually get a lot of evaporation. Yeah, I know. We should water during the day so the leaves don't rot. We've never watered in the daytime because of burning the leaves. We get temps of 90 to 100+ degrees during the day. We've never had rot or mold on our plants by watering at night.

Wish us luck with our experiments!

Take care. Happy farming!

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