Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why I Kill Rats

Awww! They ARE so cute. I love to watch them run around and play. However, here are my reasons for wanting them out of the coop.

1.  Once they establish, you will be overrun with them. All it takes is one litter to make a mess of your property.

2.  They chew holes through just about anything.

3.  They BM everywhere! You clean it, more BM shows up.

4.  They tinkle everywhere! You can't get the smell out of whatever they tinkle on.

5.  They shred insulation and carry it everywhere.

6.  They are fast! You can't shoot them easily. (This is a whole other post...maybe.)

7.  They eat everything except rat poison.

8.  They carry diseases, including rabies.

Yeah. I used to be a no-kill person until the day those 15 ran the rafters over my head. It would've been OK, but the roof was 6 foot high. The rafters were pretty low. The good thing is they are more afraid of me than I was of them and they ran like blue blazes. Now, if one would've fallen on my head, I'd probably have been institutionalized out of fright.

I hope you don't think bad of me for snapping them in a trap. They are REALLY a nuisance.

Take care.

P.S.  All bait suggestions are welcome. ; )

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