Friday, March 29, 2013

Runaround Day

Today was a runaround day for us. We needed to go to get eyeglasses ordered. So we went to WalMart to get that done. They have a good selection plus a really great warranty on their glasses. We picked up a ham there for Easter dinner this Sunday. We're just eating in. No family plans.

Hubby took me to another really fun place to shop. OK. Call me a goofball. It was Harbor Freight. Oh, yeah! There are bunches of tools and stuff there for just about anyone who likes to mess around the house. I bought a whole box of 3" chip brushes for painting for $6. There are 24 brushes in the box. They are usually $1.29 each at other well-known stores. SCORE! Hubby got his sandblaster for $20 and an electrical tester for $5.49. There will be many more field trips to this place, I tell ya!

It was a day of using gas and having fun.

I hope you enjoyed your day.

Take care

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