Tuesday, March 19, 2013

To Go? Or, To Stay? (rant)

The neighbor issue has brought up a question. Since we've been having so many problems over the years, do we find a new place to live? Or, do we stay and tough it out?

If we go, we would be giving up. I don't like to give up. I've got a tough personality to put up with crap from people. I've been putting up with peoples' comments all of my life and not much bothers me. Hubby takes more to heart than I do. He grew up in a tough neighborhood, but he's got a good heart. He's the kind of person who will help you until his last ounce of strength is gone. Then he'll figure out how he can help you more.

I also don't like aggravation. Hubby and I are too old to play games with people which is why we're considering leaving our home. We live in the country to have peace and quiet. We like to garden. We enjoy sitting outside by a campfire in the evenings to listen to the tree frogs and crickets. It's just when we mention common sense things to people - nicely - is when we get chewed out from top to bottom. C'mon! Common sense is common sense! It seems to be at an all time low in our area! We are not know-it-alls. We learn new things every day. We make mistakes and take guidance from others...even when guidance is not asked for. We at least consider a new viewpoint before we make rash decisions. We look at things from all angles before making decisions, which is what we're trying to do right now.

Copping out and leaving means we'll be leaving behind a piece of land that has 12 years of our history written on it. Two of our dogs are buried here. Another thing is, we'll be taking ourselves with us. For us, that is a good thing. However, whatever we're experiencing now will follow us in another way. It happens. We can't run away from ourselves. Maybe we're creating our problems? Hmmmm. Maybe we're going against what is being asked for us to do? We're not listening to our inner guidance systems? Hmmmm.

If we stay and tough it out, then we'll feel like we have a strong backbone. We can decide not to communicate with certain people. We can create our own little experience on our land without the help of others. We can live our lives as we wish as long as we're physically able. Then we'll be able to bury our last two dogs with their sisters.

I don't like the thought of leaving. I love everything about us and where we live. We have a good life doing as we do. I'm all for staying. I just hope Hubby will feel the same way once this last issue blows over.

Sorry for the rant and rave. Thanks for reading. This is better than professional help. : )

Take care.

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