Sunday, March 17, 2013

Today, On The Farm

We were supposed to have a visitor early this morning, so I didn't stay in the house. I decided to clean up around the yard a little bit. So I picked up puppy poo. Then I raked the River Willow branches from one sidewalk and put them in a burn pile. No visitor, yet. Then I got out the ladder and sawed off the dead stuff from the baby willow tree. It looks really nice now, but it's kind of bald. Like I say...dead is dead and it has to be removed. Then I trimmed off the dead branches from two Rose Mallow plants. No visitor, yet. Then I trimmed off a lot of the vines from the Confederate Jasmine plant. They were growing up into the weeping willow tree so I hacked them off. Still no visitor. So I scrubbed out the bird bath really good and filled it with water. Then I climbed the big willow and cut out all of the dead branches from there. There were a lot of large branches to cut. I carry pruners in one back pocket and a collapsible saw in another when I climb. I didn't get up as high as I'd like to have, but it will do for now. No visitor. I pulled some weeds from the flower garden. We have some kind of nasty weed here that has a tuber underground that looks like a white radish. It's a scourge! After that, I took a break and watched a little TV. Visitor came and left. We ate. I got lazy. End of day.

How was your day? Take care.

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