Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Whole Other Rat Post - Or, Having Fun in The Dark

OK. I promise, for a while after this post, that I will not post anything more on rats. That is, until something interesting comes up. ; )

As I mentioned a few posts back, it is not all that easy to shoot rats. I don't mean with a shotgun or a rifle. That would be way too much firepower for these little things. I'm meaning with BB guns and pellet guns.

Now for the story...

Last year, hubby and I decided we'd had enough of the rats running rampant in our barn. First rule for building a barn: Do NOT insulate the walls. If you do, you're inviting rats to burrow into them and make nests. THEN you have millions of the little creatures running around everywhere.

A little about me. Way back, when I was very young, I was really good at shooting BB guns. I practiced with my brother's gun for a long time. Then, when I started dating, sometimes I'd go to an arcade with a boyfriend. I'd knock down a bunch of stuff at the shooting gallery and the BF always said someone else must've been doing that.

Fast forward 30-some years...Hubby and I went to a local farm store and bought me a BB gun. Brand-spanking-new! Just for me! He and I were going to shoot the rats in the barn and we were going to get rid of the buggers! Yeah! So, what did hubby and I decide to do? We decided to set up shop for nightly shoots.

Picture this: We set up our chairs and our supply of pellets and BBs beside us. We went out after dinner and took up our places. We had the lights out because we didn't want them to get spooked. So we waited in the dark and raised our guns. Ka-ting! Missed. Thwak! Missed. Ka-ting-ting-ting! Missed (ricochet). Thwak! Missed. Ka-ting! BB came back at me. Thwak! Pellet missed again. Ka-ting-ting! Thwak! Ka-ting! Thwak. All misses. We spent a couple of hours a night trying to shoot these moving targets, and didn't get a single one! It's pretty poor when you have a couple of seasoned small gun shooting senior citizens sitting in the dark, shooting at bunches of little moving targets that shouldn't be missed.

Who says you can't have fun in the dark?!

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