Friday, March 29, 2013

Golf Day and Warehouse Club

I had a day off today so I went golfing with Hubby and his buddy. The wind was blowing, it was chilly, there were a lot of other nuts out there. We had fun. I sucked. Well, they were'nt great, either. They were just better than me.

After I taught Hubby to golf, he got hooked on it. I've golfed so much that I just don't care about it any more. I used to be pretty good when I was younger, but all of my skill went down the drain. I'm glad Hubby has someone who will go with him every week.

Then we went to a warehouse club to buy groceries. Of course, it was in bulk. Even though there are just two of us in the house, we spent most of our monthly budget on supplies. That's the bad thing about those kinds of places. The good thing is it is economical. You start buying because it's cheaper and you put lots of 'cheap' stuff in your buggy. Then, when you get to the register, the bad thing happens.

We started watching Netflix after we got home and we both fell asleep. Now I'm up trying to get my blog post in for yesterday.

So much for my exciting day!

Take care.

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