Monday, March 4, 2013

No More Weeping, My Willow.

The little green haze on our willow tree is a very welcome sight! This is a sure sign spring is almost here.
Greening of the Willow
This is my favorite tree to hide in. Every year I climb into the tree and prune out all of the dead branches. Dead is dead and it has to come out sometime. It may as well be at my hand...or, should I say possibly broken neck. LOL! I'm over 50 and you still can't keep me out of the tree. I love climbing trees!!!

Sometimes, when it is in full leaf, I go up there to trim and hubby doesn't see me. He couldn't if he tried because it's so dense with leaves. I watch him go from here to there to the neighbor's house and back. It is too funny, but I let him go. Then I'll call him from up in the tree. 'Where are you?' he says. 'I'm up here!' I say. He just shakes his head and lets me do my thing. This tree, in the pic, is about 30' high. I only go as high as I can before the branches sway. As it gets older, I'll go up higher!

We planted the tree about 8 or 9 years ago. This spot got a lot of water and you can see the tree loves it here. We bought a companion for it about 5 years ago and the smaller tree is still small. It grew a little bit, but not like this one. If you look closely, I have a small white bird feeder in it. I build these out of scrap wood and place them in a lot of my trees. I have about 7 around the yard. I have another one that was given to me and one I bought. I'll be making more feeders soon because these ones are starting to rot a bit. The birds don't care. They've been asking for seed and I've been procrastinating about filling the feeders. I'll make a note to do it tomorrow.

That's it for today. Take care. Climb safely! ; )


  1. Oh what a lovely weeping willow tree you have! When I bought my home in the country, one of the things that I loved was that despite it just being a small 1/4 acre block, it had TWO willow trees and it made the bare garden look like the rest of it had potential too.

    Then after a few years of crippling drought when we were not allowed to water the garden except with grey water from the laundry, my beautiful trees finally gave up the ghost and had to be cut up and removed, after one entire tree uprooted itself and fell over.

    But I miss them so much!! So this year I planted a willow baby tree. I didn't know how long it would take to grow nice and big, so I'm delighted to see that it could be as big as yours in only 8 years - woo hoo! I'll still be alive to enjoy it by then!!!!

    1. Helene. Isn't it funny how you can become attached to a plant?! My baby one is going to lose it's whole top this year. That part died and I have to get rid of it so it will grow. Hopefully it will pick up a bit. Good luck with your new tree! I'm sure you'll have many many more good years to enjoy it!