Monday, March 18, 2013

Pollen. Yuk.

Right now, everything that blooms is in bloom. We have pine trees, yellow jessamine, spring flowers-mainly azaleas, oak trees, spring bulbs and anything that has pollen is blooming. EVERYTHING is yellowish inside the house and outside. There is a slight breeze and my black dog's fur is yellowish. Hubby washed my truck for me yesterday and it was pollen-ized within an hour. I walk 4 blocks into work from the parking lot and my black coat was coated with pollen. Allergies are horrible!

We had a little bit of blessed rain early this morning. This wets down the pollen and keeps it from flying everywhere. The counties around us are expecting a storm. We are not. Hopefully, the wind will change and bring us some rain.

How is your area when spring comes? Got pollen?

Take care.

P.S.  We did get that rain that was supposed to pass us by. Yay!

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